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Neptune's Earth

During class one of the topics we covered was Unity Analytics to see player information from the website. In this update we will see how long a player was able to survive playing the game. It will not show up in the script but online I will use this information to check whether or not people have been able to pass 135 seconds on the game. This topic will be beneficial because I can see if the difficulty settings are too high or too low.

Neptune's Earth is currently in development in Unity. Currently only works with xbox controllers.

Left analog = Movement

A = Jump

X = Throw Food

Rb/Lb = Continue / Previous in tutorial

Left analog down + A = Drop down

Install instructions

1. Download file

2. Open exe file next to folder


Neptune's Earth 64Bit Build 0.3.3_Data.zip 25 MB
Neptune's Earth 32Bit Build 0.3.3_Data.zip 23 MB

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